The bridge of tolerance is one of the several bridge that link both banks of the Dubai creek, in the financial district of the business bay. Tolerance bridge is a clear span suspension bridge, named in honor of the International Day of Tolerance, the bridge offers pedestrian a 690-foot-long walking and cycling path over the Dubai Water Canal. Built in steel through an arch bridge. 

   Scientechnic selected 22 Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures compact, energy-efficient design and uniform color mixing. A discreet, option snoot integrates seamlessly with the fixtures to help reduce glare.

   The width of the free span, evoking a sense of absence of gravity as if the footbridge floated gently above the water, gives to the footbridge an impressive visual impact. 

   Photographically speaking the bridge of tolerance is unique, it offers endless photographic compositions, personally I have worked on the aesthetics of the bridge using its lines and shadows, steel and lights, and specially with original and extreme angle, perspectives and frames.

   All the images in this series have been taken without filters and have not been edited. 

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