Metaverse City is an invented place of reality. Where the discipline of reasoning leads directly to madness.

   Metaverse City is a crowded place, infected with appearances, always in constant motion, where the neon lights never go out.

   Metaverse City is inhabited by a race of beings that seek answers in machines, and machines that trap and devour souls.

   Metaverse City floats in the toxic smoke of greed, where gluttony is happiness. A dirty city, with a sterilized mouth, always wearing a mask, which can only be removed for blasphemy, gluttony or a selfish.

   Metaverse City where happy drifter scavenge for food in the garbage heaps. Strange people, future and transparent inhabitants of the same city. City that was yesterday and that today is no more than a succession of furious camera blows.

   Chinatown, Bangkok, in the year 2566, in the nights of my fury.


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