Enjoy the Silence and Gold Rush are the same photography work carried out in the village of Rodalquilar, province of Almeria, Spain. The images shown in Enjoy the Silence are the remains of the mining village, while the images shown in Gold Rush are exclusively the rest of the gold mines and their facilities.

   In 1952, mine conditioning works were projected, which included in addition to the technical part, other complementary works: churches, company residences, homes for teachers, engineers and workers, school, pharmacies, etc, infrequent services for the time in the surrounding populations. The total investment amounts to 100.000.000 pesetas { 600.000 euros }. In the first years of activity of this period, around 700 workers work in Rodalquilar, a large part of them dedicated to the construction of infrastructures and facilities. Once these jobs were finished, between 200 and 300 workers remained on the exploitation.

   The other economic activities that were traditionally developed, mainly agriculture and fishing, are not abandoned, but are accommodated to mining. At that time Rodalquilar had a population close to 1400 inhabitants. Shortly after it drops vertiginously to 75. Currently there are around 150 permanent inhabitants, in the summer season that number doubles.

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